Sunday, March 28, 2010

How Fascinating!?!?

What you did is NOT important. What you LEARNED from it is! - A wise WW leader!
As I weighed in today, I was so ready for a huge gain! I kept telling myself "you know what you did last week while on spring break... you gave in to those fun-size snickers..." and I was right! I went IN on those fun-size snickers, twix, miniature reese's, & peanut M&Ms! *LMAO* They were sitting there staring me in the face, talking to me! I tried to tell them to shut up, but I'm not really a rude person, so I did what they asked me to! lol Everyday, I did my BEST to eat wisely given the constraint that someone else was constantly preparing the food! That's always a challenge, however, I know I felt GREAT about how well I faced that challenge... until those candies started talking to me! Aside from the candies, I did an awesome job. The candies were sweet talking me in my ear so good that I took a big bag of them home with me when we left Flat Creek Lodge to come back to Statesboro! I spent the rest of the afternoon that Saturday snacking on those miniature candies and the snack size bags of doritos & cheetos. A recipe for disaster...

BUT the next day (Sunday), I woke up with a whole new outlook on those candies & chips! I tied that bag up, put it out of site and mentally prepared myself to take it to work on Monday and DUMP THE ENTIRE BAG INTO THE CANDY BASKET in our breakroom! I knew that if I left that bag of candy in my house, I'd eat it and act like it didn't even count because nobody saw me eat it! Want to know how I knew? Because while @ Flat Creek Lodge, the minute I gave in to the candy, I stopped tracking what I was eating! I didn't want to admit that I was eating the candy - not even to MYSELF (considering I'm the only person who typically reads my food journal). Monday, I took that candy into the office and dumped it! I felt like getting back on track for the week to come became so much easier just with that one act!

So, what else did I learn from my candy conniption? Well, I learned that I had to stop avoiding my favorite candies like the plague! Had I not been avoiding them for months now (I honestly couldn't remember the last time I had a snickers, peanut m&m's, twix or reese cup), I wouldn't have felt so out of control when I finally did eat them! I used to buy a snickers bar, cut it up into 6 equal pieces and freeze the pieces individually and when I wanted a taste, I'd grab one, eat it and be FINE! I know for a fact I am not going to be able to go through the rest of my life without ever wrapping my lips around another peanutty caramelly nougaty chocolatey snickers bar again, and I don't have to!

All this to say, that despite my snicker/twix/m&m/reese overload, I did SO MANY other things well enough that when I weighed in after 2 weeks, I ONLY had a gain of 0.6 lbs! OH YEAH... know that I'm not celebrating the actual gain, but (1) the KNOWLEDGE of that gain and (2) that there was a time when I know the damage could have been SO MUCH WORSE but it wasn't! SCORE!!!

Oh by the way... I somehow talked myself out of working out for almost a month now! Not sure what I was thinking, but that's not important remember? What's important is that I woke up on Friday morning and said "GET YO @ZZ TO THE GYM GIRL" and I DID IT! I didn't tell myself "oh I will just wait until Monday when the new week starts" or "just wait until April"... I got my behind to the gym and worked out! I'm back in business and what I REMINDED myself of this time is that EVERY NEW MINUTE IS A NEW OPPORTUNITY TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY!

Stay up folks... and in the words of Ben Zander...

1. Sit in the FRONT ROW of your life!
2. See mistakes as FASCINATING!
3. Quiet your inner voice!
5. Realize that it is ALL INVENTED!

Let's make it happen!!!

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  1. You have such a great outlook on things! This helps motivate me to kick myself back into gear. Love ya! - Leslie